Dog Whistle 212 Pro Acme

The most popular dog whistle we do as suitable for all dogs. Ideally complimented with one of the other models for close work. Especially well proven with spaniels. 4750Hz - 5250Hz varying pea whistle

Acme 210.5
Easy blowing, High tone for all dogs. Especially good for older and hard of hearing dogs. Excellent for close work and effective with Spaniels 5900Hz single frequency +/- 20% on blowing

Acme 211.5
All dogs, good alternative command to the 210 or 210.5. The preferred Labrador and Retriever whistle 4850Hz single frequency +/- 20% on blowing

Acme 212
Plastic Pro-Trainers Dog whistle The professionals choice constant frequency no matter how hard or soft you blow which is a big advantage in competitions or for highly trained dogs. The best of all 4 whistles (210, 210.5, 211.5) if you want a single whistle 5050Hz constant frequency +/- 5% on blowing 

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