Pampeano Patron Polo Belt


Complete the look with the brand new luxury leather Patron polo belt from Pampeano. This intricately patterned brown, navy and white belt is perfect for those with an eye for detail, and those who are looking for more than a standard leather belt.

The Patron, like all of our luxury leather polo belts, are handmade in Argentina by local artisans using only the finest quality of local materials. These artisans use heritage techniques passed down through the generations to tan the leather, and delicately hand stitch the threaded patterns onto the belts. The care and detail put into these belts ensure that their quality is retained for many years.

The unique pattern on the Patron is a spin on the iconic pampa diamond motif commonly used on polo belts the world over. This design, hailing from La Pampa, Argentina, is an ancient Aztec motif reflecting the Andes mountain range which overlook the polo fields in the countryside. This is the history you will carry with you when you wear a luxury polo belt from Pampeano.

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