The “Connaught” commemorates William Evans historic connections with former loyal client, HRH The Duke of Connaught for whom we made numerous bespoke sporting guns and builds on our rich heritage.

The “Connaught” is a five-pin sidelock design which takes William Evans back to its roots in terms of offering affordable guns and extends the work we have been doing over the years with the introduction of the Pall Mall and St James models.
Made to William Evans’ demanding specification by Grulla-Armas, S.L. Based in Eibar, Northern Spain, Grulla has been producing hand-crafted shotguns and rifles since 1932 and is now Spain’s leading manufacturer of high-quality sporting arms.

Based on the Grulla 216/216RB models, the “Connaught” features William Evans’ classic ‘Bouquet and Scroll’ style engraving, a design similar to one used on the company’s guns manufactured prior to 1910. The new model features a drop-forged steel frame with disc-set strikers and gas escape valves, chopper-lump barrels made from best-quality steel, together with automatic, safety catch and double triggers.
The hand-finished, oiled stock is crafted from well-figured walnut and customers are able to choose the wood which is used from photographs of ‘walnut blanks’ supplied by the factory. Stocks can be made to the client’s own measurements and is hand-chequered by Grulla’s craftsmen at 24 lines per inch, a higher-quality of finish than the 20 lines per inch used by other gun makers.


All guns are made to fit your special requirements as each gun is bespoke made to the clients individual shooting needs.

With such bespoke specifications as a choice of calibres ranging from 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410.

Optional extras as follows:

• Choosing from a barrel length of 25' to 31'
• Chambers 2¾' or 3',
• Steel shot-proofed barrels
• Fixed and multi choke (Briley) options
• Straight hand or Prince of Wales grip
• Wood upgrade
• Case


Delivery time:

It is usual for a new Connaught gun to be delivered in 8 months from taking your order, however, delivery times are a guide and not a fixed commitment due to the artisan nature of the build.

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