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In 2017 Hull Cartridge celebrated their 70th anniversary manufacturing the finest ammunition. A family manufacturing business, driven by an ambitious and innovative team, determined to deliver excellence in both product and services. Whether you're just entering the sport, an experienced shot or a seasoned professional, Hull Cartridge have a specification to meet your needs, instill confidence and help you excel. Their game cartridges are powerful in the field yet comfortable on the shoulder. Hull Cartridge are the natural choice to load the William Evans bespoke brand.

Please ring 01483 486500 to be advised on stock. We can supply on demand and in advance.

Competition Cartridges

When competing you need to be confident that the cartridge you choose will give the kind of performance and consistency you can rely on. Hull's pursuit of excellence led them to the development of new formulas of propellant. These second generation exclusive powders matched to superior components and dependable primers form the basis of their latest range. The result: enhanced ballistics, reduced recoil and more tolerant storage. Extensively tested to deliver ultimate performance through to your final shot, the Hull range ensures the confidence to win.

soverign parcours 12 guage .jpg
Sovereign Parcours 12 Gauge
soverign fibre 12 guage .jpg
Sovereign Fibre 12 Gauge
soverign 12 guage .jpg
Sovereign 12 Gauge
pro one dtl 300 12 guage .jpg
Pro One DTL 300 12 Gauge
pro twenty 20 guage .jpg
Pro Twenty 20 Gauge
pro piston 12 guage .jpg
Pro Piston 12 Gauge
pro fibre 12 guage .jpg
Pro Fibre 12 Gauge
pro one 12 guage .jpg
Pro One 12 Gauge
sporting 100 12 guage .jpg
Sporting 100 12 Gauge
comp x 12 guage.jpg
Comp X 12 Gauge
superfast 12 guage .jpg
Superfast 12 Gauge
intercomp 12 guage .jpg
Intercomp 12 Gauge

Game Cartridges

Exhilarating drives call for a special breed of cartridge. Found in the highest circles, our game loads are designed to give 100% performance down range. Carefully selected components combined with new formulas of propellant produce clean burning characteristics and tolerant storage. Stringent quality standards and extensive field testing, ensure the 'Hull' game range is powerful in the field yet comfortable on the shoulder. So whether it's grouse or goose, pheasant or partridge, Hull offer the perfect solution for the most testing of shots.

driven grouse 12 guage .jpg
Driven Grouse 12 Gauge
three crowns 12 guage .jpg
Three Crowns 12 Gauge
high pheasant extreme 12 guage .jpg
High Pheasant Extreme 12 Gauge
high pheasant extreme 20 guage .jpg
High Pheasant Extreme 20 Gauge
high pheasant 12 guage .jpg
High Pheasant 12 Gauge
high pheasant 16 guage .jpg
High Pheasant 16 Gauge
high pheasant 20 guage .jpg
High Pheasant 20 Gauge
hight pheasant 28 guage .jpg
High Pheasant 28 Gauge
imperial game 12 guage .jpg
Imperial Game 12 Gauge
imperial game 28 guage .jpg
Imperial Game 28 Gauge
game and clay 28 guage .jpg
Game & Clay 28 Gauge
game and clay 410 guage .jpg
Game & Clay 410 Gauge
superfast pigeon 12 guage .jpg
Superfast Pigeon 12 Gauge
special pigeon 12 guage .jpg
Special Pigeon 12 Gauge