What to Wear - Deer Stalking

We are frequently asked the question "what should I wear stalking?” This is both an easy and hard question to answer as there are lots of things to consider, the first being, what is the environment like that I am going to be in? This will affect your clothing choices, for example if you'll be in open highlands, tweed is often the best choice, but in woodland a plain colour is perfect. However our top tip is keep it simple, opt for comfort and warmth, assume the weather will be cold and wet and you'll be prepared.

Below is our guide of what to wear so you are ready for the 1st April. Here at William Evans we pride ourselves on stocking the latest and best kit for all, from the correct walking boots to the top of the range binoculars.

JacketMusto Whisper jacket is a fantastic jacket, it has an incredibly soft feel and consequently is very ‘quiet’ jacket, perfect for stalking. This Shoot jacket is lined in Gore-Tex®, making it fully waterproof and very warm. We also recommend the Harkila Pro Hunter X Jacket this again has a Gore-Tex® lining but also a tough Cordura outer making it extremely hard wearing. For ladies, also by Musto the Ladies Whisper Jacket is our best seller. In regards to the rest of the outfit, ladies are recommended to wear similar to the mens suggestions below. 

Trousers: The Harkila Pro Hunter X Trousers or the Seeland Woodcock Trousers are brilliant, and are waterproof trousers themselves and so don't need to be worn with overtrousers. We also stock the matching jacket for both. 

Overtrousers: For extra protection in case of bad weather, especially if you have opted for breeks we recommend the Schöffel Ptarmigan Superlight Overtrouser these are made from lightweight Meryl® fabric noted for it's strength and durability with a GORE-TEX® Z-liner. Making them fully waterproof and windproof. For something slightly simpler the John Field Thunder Overtrouser are a great pair of waterproof trousers, which can be rolled up very small into a waterproof bag. 

Breeks: At William Evans we stock a vast array of tweed and plain breeks. Our brand new house tweed is called the Pall Mall, the William Evans Mens Pall Mall Breeks fully lined and handmade in the UK. Our William Evans St James Tweed Breeks are also the perfect colour for open highlands, lighter coloured, patterned fabrics often camouflage much better than darker greens. We would also suggest the Seeland Woodcock Mens Breeks or the Musto Mens Sporting Breeks as a plain coloured option.

Baselayer: Layering is a William Evans top tip, you can remove layers as the day warms up, but there is nothing worse than being cold. We stock a couple of thermals, but the brand we like best is Icebreaker, these keep out the cool air and chilling winds.

Shirt: A comfortable shirt is what you are looking for, so our William Evans and Harvie & Hudson Country Shirts made from 100% brushed cotton are perfect. However a natural colour scheme is best, so our brown option is perfect or the Seeland Preston Mens Shirts come in a perfect range of shades.

Jumper and Fleeces: We suggest a standard woolen jumper is the best option, and the William Evans Men Lambswool V Neck Sweater is perfect. However depending on the weather you may want to invest in a windstopper jumper that would then be sufficient with one of the waterproof lighter jackets. So the Seeland Odell Windbeater Sweater is ideal as it has a breathable and windproof lining. However for a much colder day sometimes a gilet under a thick coat is the best option, and by far the best is the Schöffel Oakham Fleece Gilet.

Socks: If you have opted to wear breeks, then the best socks are the William Evans Mens Rannoch Shoot Sock these are machine washable at 30, and come in a wide variety of colours, but dark coloured greens and browns are best. If you have opted for long trousers then the Harkila Wellington Neo Sock is a more technical sock and adds extra support and comfort.

Gaiters: We stock a couple of options of gaiters, our favourites are the Harkila Angus Gaiters or the Seeland Crieff Gaiters both of which offer brilliant waterproof protection.

Walking Boots: A good pair of walking boots is the most essential piece of kit for stalking. Harkila is the brand we would recommend. We have a very wide range in both shops and online. The Harkila Pro Hunter Gtx10" or the Harkila Pro Hunter Boa Gtx 12" are our bestseller. The GTX10" is made from Kevlar which makes it highly suitable for hunting in demanding areas such as heather and wetlands.

Hat: A traditional flat cap is probably the best choice especially the Seeland Woodcock Flat Cap as it is waterproof. However we do also stock a wide range of Stetson hats for something a bit more special try the Stetson Newark Vitafelt Hat these are ideal for woodland stalking or highseat.

Gloves: The Harkila Pro Shooter Gloves are brilliant, they are made with leather palms for grip and Windstopper® fleece on back of hands for warmth. They also match the Pro Hunter X clothing range. The brand new selection of gloves from Laksen are fantastic and come in a wide range of styles.

Bag: Your bag doesn't need to be huge, just big enough to carry your waterproofs, lunch and binoculars. Something like the William Evans and Chapman Troutbeck Bag or the John Field Lockable Hunting Bag are perfect.

Accessories: For stalking there is only one essential extra, a pair of good binoculars. At William Evans we are a premium Zeiss stockist, so we recommend the Conquest and the Victory binoculars. The Victory binos are slightly better and give you a better field of view. The thumb stick as depicted in the images to the left is the only other item most stalkers like to pack. A good length stick is needed on the hill for support, dragging the stag, checking depth of peat/burns and using it for a shooting stick if needed.

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Roe buck - England, Wales - 1st Apr-31st Oct

Roe buck - Scotland - 1st Apr-20th Oct

Roe doe - England, Wales - 1st Nov-28th Feb

Roe doe - Scotland - 21st Oct-31st Mar

Fallow buck - UK - 1st Aug-30th Apr

Fallow doe - England, Wales, Northern Ireland - 1st Nov-28th Feb

Fallow doe - Scotland - 21st Oct-15th Feb

Red deer stags - England, Wales, Northern Ireland - 1st Aug-30th Apr

Red deer stags - Scotland - 1st Jul-20th Oct

Red deer hinds - England, Wales, Northern Ireland - 1st Nov-28th Feb

Red deer hinds - Scotland - 21st Oct-15th Feb