Swarovski Z6I 2.5-15x56 BT SR 4A-I Rifle Scope

Its precision optics also offer uncompromising optical clarity. The larger zoom range, the illuminated reticle and the larger eye relief ensure more flexibility, higher precision and higher safety during the hunt. Sturdy and water resistant aluminium housing protects the in-built illumination unit on the eyepiece.

This rifle scope is specifically designed to give excellent light-gathering qualities when light conditions are poor.
The 6x zoom offers an effective range of use from a field of view suitable for driven hunting through 15x magnification, which is particularly advantageous for accurate long-range shots. The HD optics and lateral parallax correction give you a highly accurate image at any distance.


  • 6x zoom in a 30 mm central tube.
  • Outstanding field of view.
  • Centred reticle in the second image plane.
  • Dioptric compensation.
  • Microstructure grooves for high efficiency baffling prevent residual reflections inside the tube for crystal clear, high-contrast images, even in intense light
  • Ultra-precise adjustment turrets and guaranteed shock resistance, even with high calibre firearms.
  • Parallax correction with lock-in position at 100m (109 yds).
  • High Grid technology, For even greater clarity and sharper delineation in the reticle of illuminated rifle scopes.
  • Our HD optics are characterised by fluoride-containing lenses for lifelike colour reproduction. This enables maximum colour fidelity and leads to a significant improvement in resolution and contrast.


  • Quadratic or rectangular range of adjustment for full range of elevation/windage, even in the marginal areas of the adjustment range.
  • Zero-point adjustment without tools.
  • Sturdy, lightweight main tube.
  • Watertight to a depth of 4m. Filled with nitrogen.
  • Swarilight. Automatic shut-on and shut-off with inclination sensor for illuminated reticles. When moving into a shooting position, the illuminated reticle is immediately ready for use.
  • Handy magnification adjustment ring.
  • Automatic shut-off function differentiates between day and night mode, prevents the batteries from being discharged unintentionally.
  • With two memory cells, one each for day and night use. The last brightness level selected is automatically available and appropriately set the next time the unit is switched on.
  • Ballistic Turret with locking mechanism. The Ballistic Turret (BT) allows you to “stay on target” when shooting at different ranges. A locking mechanism at the base of the Ballistic Turret prevents it from being accidentally turned – this ensures that the Ballistic Turret only rotates under your control. There are other distance settings available in addition to the four distances marked.

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