The Imperfect Shot by Oliver Preston

The perfect gift for the imperfect Shot! A very humorous collection of experiences, faux pas and misdemeanors in the shooting field with anecdotes and tales of many light-hearted incidents from throughout the world.

This is an anthology of shooting excuses, gaffes and anecdotes which you might actually find useful during the season. Not only does it provide very easy access light reading for those moments when the Financial Times is a bit too topical and War and Peace is a bit too serious but it also contains some honest advice for game shooters who might like to kid themselves sometimes. There aren t many things he hasnt seen on shoot day - and a lot of them make it into this book. --Shooting Gazette

152 pages, Quiller Publishing Ltd; First edition (15 July 2015), 19 x 1.8 x 24.1 cm.

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